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Success Formula of McDonald’s

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We can say ” no exaggeration ” that McDonald ‘s is now so popular that there are even live on Earth heck , you can still complete a McDonald’s hamburger in a few minutes . McDonald ‘s is a fast food chain restaurant serves mainly American hamburger formula . Almost upon reaching a certain country , McDonald ‘s also will soon acquire the fast food industry in this country .

It is hard to imagine a fast-food empire has grown since like when I was a mediocre burger store in California . McDonald ‘s must have had a very successful formula for their own crisis . So what ‘s the formula ?

Target market demand

In 1940 , two brothers Dick and Mac McDonald opened a barbecue restaurant , but not nearly as much reach prospects until 1948 when they moved into the hamburger business lines using simple technology to make bread .

Mcdonald brothers success

At this point, the production line is something associated with automobile production rather than food . But Mac and Dick chose hamburger produced in this way because they realize that customers eat cake often limited in time and money . The last thing that customers want food that does not need to be a delicacy , as long as with the full amount that they can pay , and they only take a few minutes to get the order .

So the idea of ??the hamburger was only worth 15 cents starting business operations of the McDonald ‘s .

One of the first McDonald's stores

Basically , they analyzed the entire process of preparing and processing , and a lot of sections have been removed so that the entire process can be simple .

As a result , in 1954 , the McDonald brothers had himself a drive -in restaurant ( kind of restaurant lets customers buy food without having to leave your car ) serving hamburgers at San Bernardino . This restaurant always has a long line of customers waiting outside , and achieve lofty revenue . Consumer is very pleased with the service of food is going fast , and the quality food affordable .

McDonald ‘s is still a fast-food company worth learning . You ‘ll notice that , when McDonald ‘s available in a certain country , it will coordinate a systematic manner with local cuisine to suit the taste of local customers , while customers can still order genuine hamburger .

The strategy franchise arrogant

The success of the McDonald ‘s brothers has attracted the attention of Ray Kroc , a potential entrepreneur from Illinois , who constantly chase the most promising companies to invest . Ray Kroc had the business idea is extremely great . At that time , he looked out the future prospects of McDonald ‘s , that there will be hundreds of McDonald ‘s stores are open , then McDonald ‘s will take over the entire U.S. soil in the future …


One of Mcdonald brothers


So Kroc started McDonald ‘s approach to franchising daanh ideas for other entrepreneurs . These people will take steps to cause such hardship fund , restaurant building , hire workers , and business management . McDonald only thing to do is to ensure that the satellite can restaurant branding in the best way . Then just startled McDonald ‘s royalties from franchised restaurants of it .

The McDonalds agree with that plan , and that’s Kroc began his ideas . Kroc and McDonald ‘s brothers embarked on franchising modified to add more profits . McDonald ‘s group finally gained 1 percent of net revenue , and in many cases became the principal owner of the franchise operations practice .


Early McDonald's store great success



One other excellent progress that they have added to the franchise that is the land rent . The company will buy the land that a restaurant franchise is scheduled to be built there . Then they will give restaurant owners lease the land concession ( monthly rent is based on sales ) . Leasing the land bring decent profits so that a private company ( Franchise Realty Corporation ) was set up to cater only for the management of all operations of the McDonald ‘s .

1959 , McDonald ‘s decided to build and run a few separate branch . They opened the branch in relation to the insurance company that McDonald’s has borrowed U.S. $ 1.5 million in exchange for a percentage of the company’s shares . This has fueled the rapid expansion of McDonald ‘s branches all over the U.S. in the ’60s .


Mcdonald's advertisement


The development of McDonald ‘s arrogant not much affected by the energy crisis, the U.S. economy has been held back in the 70s . After her retirement , Kroc remained very dynamic business , and he regarded the crisis as a micro hoitrong spending when prices are going down there . At that time , Kroc and McDonald ‘s even started franchising missions in other countries .

In the ’80s , McDonald ‘s empire has about 8,000 branches and present in 32 countries worldwide . Now, it is the first mover in the fast food industry in terms of revenue worldwide reality . In 2008, actual sales of McDonald ‘s reach to more than 70 billion dollars and 21 billion passengers . So can calculate , every one in the world who have purchased something from McDonald ‘s at least 3 times in 2008 .

Cloning a systematic way

What makes McDonald ‘s to retain customers ? The secret lies in the synchronization of the things McDonald ‘s .


McDonald's today success


When Kroc’s first McDonald ‘s approach to his ideas , the branch was the first test he is using his own branch . Kroc style took the form of food production chain of McDonald ‘s brothers , and then expand the idea of everything the system .

Everything needs to be clearly defined and implemented in the same manner . Along the food supply , and the preparation procedure , and with a kitchen layout system must be in place . All of these time-saving mechanism and operation , from order receipt , processing , packing , and delivering the product to the customer must be the same. Even the marketing activities and product branding must also be done the same.

Because of the attention to detail of Kroc , McDonald ‘s branches in Illinois he first achieved a profit in its first day open to the public . With success in hand , Kroc started a series of next branch of McDonald ‘s which have the same operating system .

Success Formula

60 years later , the dome-shaped yellow renowned appeared in every corner on the planet thanks to the successful formula crisis of McDonald ‘s , and now, there is no any sign of the collapse of imperial this notorious regime at all.