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The most strange business ideas in the world

Services written resignation , manufacturing eyewear for dogs or adultery dating site online business ideas is the most bizarre world .


10 . : adultery dating site online


Initiated in 2011, the site famous for proverbial Ashleymadison famous ” Life is short , let’s just adultery .” Online dating sites are only for those who are married or dating objects to those who have families . Despite the criticism received consecutive terms of morality , the site has attracted 32,000 participants . Home site is Noel Biderman , a family man and totally monogamous , earned $ 20 million profit from operations is unique .

9 . Pet Butler : service pet waste removal

Pet butler

Matthew Osborn , founder of Pooper – site , now known as the Pet Butler began operations with a modest amount . The journey to become millionaire by Matthew began when he was working for one family and earn the $ 6 per hour . Matthew ‘s life turns into a different direction in 1987 when Osborn found approximately 100,000 dogs living with their waste in an area of ??15 square miles . He started opening housekeeping and waste services set for Pet Butler ‘s name . Exist as a small company specialized activity , Pet Butler finally scale development and can hire staff and trucks . Pet Butler is a service company removing pet waste largest , attracting around 3,000 customers . Services continued in Texas with the development of management boss Matt ” Red ” Boswell .

8 . Super Jam : Jam Company

super jam

Success has come with Fraser Doherty when he was 14 , when she was selling her jam recipes for the neighbors themselves . Business operations began to prosper when Doherty finished now learning to invest in production jarred . Doherty ‘s company then named Super Jam . When boost consumer demand , he hired the studio , this time he was 16 years old . After a lot of efforts on the job , the company sold 500,000 Doherty preserves annually and reach $ 2 million profit .

7 . Doggles : sunglasses for dogs


Founder of Roni Di Lullo thought the idea worth millions of dollars when she saw her dog to squint under the sun . After testing a range of sunglasses , Di Lullo started selling Doggles goggles and it has become a best-selling product . Made of polycarbonate material with elastic cord color to flexible frame fixed on the dogs , Doggles can protect your pet ‘s eyes from ultraviolet rays and dust to prevent eye diseases . The company was featured on CNN , Regis , Kelly , and National Geographic . In addition to sunglasses , Doggles now also offers items such as T-shirts , backpacks , flotation devices , and products for dogs .

6 . LuckyBreak : Synthetic Bone convention


LuckyBreak was founded by Ken Ahroni , who want to bring more opportunities for people on the wishes of the clavicle ( bone Convention ) in thanksgiving . The company specializes in producing synthetic bone Convention plastic can bring you feeling like a turkey bone dry when broken . LuckyBreak estimated production of 30,000 units per day and bones collected $ 2.5 million in annual revenues .

5 . Wuvit : Pillow microwave


Kim Levine did subversive Wuvit world with storm , the pillow microwave moist heat penetration . This pillow creates a fever every night when Levine often receive calls from people who have the best dad mother refuses to sleep without a pillow Wuvic .. She finally contact the local retailer , and Saks Department Store has sold products on the shelves of their gear Levine . Levine is making millions of dollars with their own ideas and Wuvit knee is still a more preferred products .

4 . Home million

homepage million

In 2005, Alex Tew , a student in Wiltshire , England set up a home page with a million pixel grid using a 1000 × 1000. With the aim to earn money for the school , he has sold a 10 × 10 pixel block for $ 1 . Each block is acquired will give you an image with URL links leading to a site as well as a slogan when the cursor hovered over it . Web page to become a network phenomenon , not only that , the auction was held to sell the amount of pixels for up to $ 1 million .

3 . Excused Absence Network Services offers resignation

Excused absense network

Network absences reason ( Excused Absence Network ) is an online site to help employees and students can leave school or work when provided with the application form allows reason “genuine ” . This website business paper looks authentic vacation created by professional physicians , the panel at the hearing, the funeral program , and other organizations . You can absolutely get a single decent vacation for $ 25 . With an initial capital of $ 300 , Excused Absence Network has now earned millions and get 15,000 orders per month .

2 . LaserMonks : Ink of a monk


Father Bernard McCoy LaserMonks be set up for cheap ink business . The idea has come up with this monk on a day when he was out of ink and the printer can not find a store selling ink at affordable prices . Initially the company was set up with a small group of priests , daily work pouring black powder cartridges . LaserMonks Currently serving 50,000 customers and received from 200 to 300 orders per day . LaserMonks customers from the local church , and even large companies such as U.S. Forest Service, and Morgan Stanley . From $ 2000 , the company’s revenue has increased to $ 2.5 million .

1 . : Website design MySpace


Ashley Qualls , aged just 17 school , established , selling website layouts and web design tutorials. With the unique design and colorful , Qualls has attracted 7 million visitors and 60 million monthly page views . Site is about 70 thousand dollars per month and the amount of visitors is constantly increasing .