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Secret “5 Ps” of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg's secrets

When Mark Zuckerberg , founder of Facebook , to become the 29th richest billionaire in the world and the map manually build a second child in 2012 , many people feel has had the dubious impression .

Apparently , Zuckerberg is not the expression of a typical business , but one thing is sure that no one can build a random website with 1 billion users .

Page CNBC said , in his book entitled ” Think Like Zuck : The Five Business Secrets of Facebook ‘s improbably Brilliant CEO Mark Zuckerberg ” ( Provisional translation : ” Think like Zuck : 5 Business Secrets of CEOs Facebook brilliant Mark Zuckerberg ) , author Ekaterina Walter talked about the secret to the success of this young billionaire , encapsulated in 5 words beginning with the letter ” P ” , including passion ( passion ) , purpose ( aim ) , People ( human ) , Product (product ) , and Partnerships ( partners ) .


The whole point of all successful CEOs in the world known as the Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook , Virgin ‘s Richard Branson , Tony Hsieh of Zappo , Blake Mycoskie of TOMS , or James Dyson Dyson is they have great passion . For Zuckerberg , that passion is connecting people .

” Many of the Facebook platform principle that if people have access to more information and more connected , then the world will become a better , more people will understand each other , understanding each other better . that’s just the way my principles , ” Zuckerberg said .

James Dyson , CEO of the vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson UK , is an engineer and industrial designer . His passion is to change the existing design to make them better . He now owns assets worth $ 2.3 billion .

Passion gives people the patience to achieve success , no matter what obstacles they may encounter . James Dyson to create 5,172 different models before you design a vacuum cleaner bag is not perfect .

The lesson here is , let’s cooperate and find people with passion . They are the people who will conquer the mountain , turn around , and bring the most innovative solutions .


Facebook is not just a single product , which is a social-networking has changed the lives of billions of people . Zuckerberg ‘s goal is to create an open world , more transparent and make connections between people . The business leaders can reach not only sell products , they bring new ways for the problem , and that is the purpose for which their companies towards .

When Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS company , his mission is not to produce shoes which is to help children in developing countries . For such purposes , TOMS has so far funded millions of pairs of shoes to children in more than 40 countries around the world .

All the things that Facebook makes , from the employee that the company had hired , to customer service that the company offers , the working environment of the company , how to roll out new products … are based on a clear purpose conveyed to all levels within the company .

Author Ekaterina Walter said that to achieve success , every company needs to understand the purpose of their existence and the purpose of it every day .


A leader can have a vision , but the culture of a company is based on the staff of the company . When recruiting , Facebook not only choose the best people for the job , but also choosing the right people to the culture of the company . ” Hacker Way ” ( ” hacker style ) is on Facebook dominates . Innovative methods It’s fast and continuously that all employees pursue .

Flat management structure means that Facebook employees are given the power to create change and build their ideas . Staff Facebook Justin Rosenstein once described as ” a company with 60 engineers that do the work that the group can not be 600 people … It is the totality of neat top-down strategy and development product from the bottom up in Facebook ” .

The lesson here: Find the right person who has a passion for the goals set forth by the company who is willing to do everything in their ability to help the company succeed . Then , to give them freedom to make decisions and empower them to engage in the risks .


A product design is simple and beautiful enough to be the key for Apple to dominate the market . Similarly, Facebook has always strive to build ” the best and easiest for people to share information easily added ,” Zuckerberg said . Facebook continually streamlined processes to share that information, and that drives the biggest innovations in recent years their .

Zuckerberg focus on product first and then worry about the revenue issue . He even rejected the offer to purchase Facebook $ 1 billion from Yahoo in 2006 for his determination to bring their products to people around the world .

Lesson: The most successful companies focus on product world first, and then the revenue .


One of the key strengths of the leadership Zuckerberg as he knows his limitations . The recruiting Sheryl Sandberg , Facebook’s chief operating officer , according Zuckerber ” is central to growth and our success over the years .” Establish a relationship right partner , be it with investors , management team , or provider , has important implications for any company .

Having the right partner to help Zuckerberg in the free development of his strengths , including imagination , insight , and vision . All work led the company to achieve financial success are assigned to Sandberg . It is an effective partnership .

The lesson here is , nobody better everything . Look for a trusted partner in your mission and complement your skills .

As a company leader , Zuckerberg has put his vision into every aspect of Facebook , from work culture , endlessly creative , partner relationships and acquisitions . He may not be a traditional business leaders , but unshakable belief in his mission of Facebook ‘s long-term vision and he has played a key role for the success of social networking this .