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Why are you not rich yet?

Why are you not rich yet

After years of hard work , you sit back and realize that wealth is something very far away . So what is the cause ? It is possible that you are committed to a mistake in the following six ways of thinking about money .

Buddhist scripture that says: “We are what we think …. With his thoughts we make the world.” Or more recently , the best-selling book America in 2006 ” the Secret ” ( Secret Things ) has confirmed many knowledgeable people philosophy and belief that what we believe will affect them we become one in the future . In other words, your own way of thinking will affect your future .


Want to be rich before thinking right amount of money

Those who have the right idea about money and wealth creation will easily become richer than others and vice versa . So how to know what you think there are obstacles wish you become rich or not ? Here are 6 ways of thinking should be avoided .


1 . You believe that not only can accumulate in the food

If you also spent months of salary received , the contract does not have any savings is understandable . And obviously you will not have the money to hundreds or thousands of dollars if you do not know and just enough savings to spend on salary next period .


2 . Money is evil

Many people still believe in this statement . This is essentially incomplete interpretation of the saying ” money is the root of all evil .” In fact this statement is ” a fad money is the source of all evil .”

Think this is incorrect complaints that people believe that they need to keep themselves away from the world around them as well as wealth . And of course , it also means thinking that getting rich is something that should be avoided .


3 . The rich are these guys cheating and unethical

Many people assume that anyone with a large amount of hands would have been cheating , fraud or theft to become so wealthy . And they feel so proud of her poor but clean . They told myself to myself , “I ‘d rather be in that poor light than to steal wealth and such others .”


4 . It is enriched by luck, did you not

This idea has been reinforced every time you see someone winning the lottery . Then the more you have reason to believe that wealth is due to fate . And because you can not control your luck , you can not control the fact that I was poor .


5 . Money will make you lose your friends or family

Witness some friends or financial success but gradually no longer close to her , you think you do not fall into that situation . This means that you believe that getting rich means losing friends . So , you think the best strategy is not to accumulate assets do.

So what to do to avoid thinking in order to better control the financial situation ? Try to have a more positive way of thinking as follows :

1 . You do not have the money

Whether or not there is a lot of money to the account is not a way to show the value of a human being . You should not judge themselves or others that way and not let others do it for you .


2 . Understand that money is just a convenient way to store media assets and transactions

Please remember that money is only a tool . Use the rising economic status of themselves as a way to know if I have achieved the financial goals or not .


3 . Money or lack of money does not mean there is no moral or .

Despite the comprehensive generalizations about rich people or poor people are wrong and blind . The only judge a person by the person’s property is wrong and can also cause you to have a misconceptions about money .


4 . You ‘re the one who decides your friends

Accumulate money does not mean you have to change his or her friends . This is especially true especially when you do not flaunt your wealth in front of your friends .


5 . You can impact on their financial situation in the future

Rich is not only entirely by luck. Many thanks to the accumulation of food every month a little , into the sub- area . With your current income to save money can be difficult but not impossible.

Maybe scientists , philosophers will continue to debate the thoughts of a person will affect how the future of the person. While awaiting the results of debate , positive thoughts about money and not make you hurt . Who knows , maybe what you think will help you become a millionaire ?