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IPhone sales surge, Apple reported crazy profits

After impressive debuts two new iPhone products here,  the technology company Apple surprises with Q3 revenue report a slight increase with higher iPhone sales period expectations.

apple profits

Specifically , during 3 months ( as of 9/28 ) , Apple ‘s net profit was $ 7.5 billion , respectively, $ 8.26 per share , lower than the $ 8.2 billion , respectively, $ 8.67 per share in the same quarter of 2012. Revenue from the company’s technology is increasing by 4% to 37.5 billion dollars .

Although Q3 profits lower compared to the same period last year , but still higher than analysts’ forecasts . According to the previous forecast of analysts in the survey conducted by FactSet , Apple has a profit of about $ 7.92 per share , on total quarterly revenue reached 36.8 billion USD .

In this report , Apple said it sold 33.8 million smart phones iPhone in the quarter , higher than the 32 million estimated by analysts . Only 2 iPhone 5S and 5C model launched in the last week of the quarter , Apple said it had sold 9 million units in just a few days .

Total sales iPads during the quarter reached 14.1 million units , slightly lower than the 14.5 million units sold in the same quarter last year . Last week , Apple has launched two new tablet iPad 2 Air and the iPad mini . It is expected that this product will be on sale next month .

Apple said it has received U.S. $ 9.9 billion in cash from operations and paid approximately $ 7.8 billion to shareholders through dividends and acquisitions in the quarter . By the end of Q3 , the company holds about $ 146.8 billion in cash , and many long -term investments and short -term .

Also in the report yesterday, Apple has launched the forecast of revenues and operating profits in the current quarter . It forecast revenue quarter 4/2013 reached between 55 and 58 billion, while Wall Street analysts expected 55.5 billion. It forecast gross margin in Q4 at 36.5 to 37.5 % .

According to Market Watch pages , Apple stock prices in the U.S. market fell slightly after profit report revenue of the company was announced . Earlier, during the official trading , Apple shares rose 0.7 % to $ 529.88 . Since our report in July so far , Apple shares have risen more than 25 % .