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“Get rich” with “job” … Obama impersonation

In the U.S. , people imitate the head of state is also considered as a career .

In Washington , Larry Graves , who looks nearly identical to President Barack Obama , entertainers often perform for people at conferences and other events to look the role of Obama .

When Graves said in a conference on the environment in a hotel in Arlington , Virginia , some initial questions are whether he is right or not President Obama . The audience laughed loudly when they realize Graves looks just a President Obama .

obama imitation

” I want to thank the Environmental Information Association for inviting me here today . I know today is the 30th anniversary of the founding of the association, congratulations to you ! ” Graves said on the podium .


Larry Graves , who looks like U.S. President Barrack Obama in an interview with The Associated Press .

Mike Farrell , who attended the meeting , was shocked when Graves walked into the room .

” I was really shocked and did not know how he looks so President Obama , from the identical gestures , way of speaking to the hair ,” Farrell said.

The performance includes 2 man plays Secret Service agent protecting the president looks . Two people were in Graves beside him during the past 5 years .

” Many people are curious to see me and asked : ” Is he the President ? ” I’m really happy with them and not just quietly say anything ,” said Matt Baldwin , one of the two agents to share .

Many people want to be photographed with Graves , including Eric Goeller , an environmental consultant from Arizona .

” I sent her pictures of his Obama impersonation and home . Later, I received about 25 messages asking about my meeting with the president ,” he told Goeller enjoy .

Sean Fitzgerald environmental researchers have a long conversation with President Obama impersonator at the conference but also quite confused about the true identity of Mr. Graves .

” I was thinking how to know if he can have a real president or not ,” Fitzgerald said.

Mr. Graves was surprised when people want to approach him , even knowing he is not the President. ” I have a little bit surprised when people approach me with respect , admiration and fear ,” Graves said .

Mr. Graves said he had to take a long time to master speaking of President . You also have a little makeup to improve the appearance , such as bold brows , apply a little lipstick , and a button fly of Obama . His hair is not dyed and combed forward a bit .

In addition to the similarities in the face , he said he and President Graves also has some other similarities : ” Both of us are equal appearance , are left-handed , and the same love basketball .”

Mr. Graves has not been met Obama but hopefully one day have the opportunity to challenge a basketball with the President. ” I believe that Mr. Obama will not be able to beat me in basketball ,” Graves said .

Graves began his career at the same time also the campaign of President Obama first . In addition to job impersonating President Obama , Mr. Graves was a physical education teacher at Fields Road Elementary School in Gaithersburg , Maryland .

A group of his students Graves said they did not know her gym teacher who plays Obama until they see a video of the action fake . At first , the students thought they were watching President .

“It’s really hard to distinguish where the President , where is our teacher . He’s too similar to President Obama ,” a student said.

” I felt like I was being taught by a famous gym teacher ,” another student said .