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What is a forex VPS and how does it work

VPS, is an acronym for Virtual Private Servers. VPS’s are used quite commonly in the IT and marketing field and as well as the forex industry as well. Within Forex, VPS are more commonly used while running an expert advisor. There are many reasons why a trader would choose to run their trading platform on a VPS rather than their own desktop or laptop. To answer this question, we must first understand why is a VPS used in forex trading, especially in regards to an expert advisor.

Traders would know that a forex expert advisor is designed to trade without any human intervention. Based on the configuration of the EA, the expert advisor is capable to trade on its own round the clock. This means that in order for the EA to run without any disruptions, an uninterrupted computer running 24/7 must be used. Traditional desktops and even laptops tend to fade on performance when kept running over a prolonged period of time. The computers and laptops are also susceptible to virus scans or even new updates, which usually require a restart of the computer. At times, due to the prolonged running of the computer, the cooling fan could also suffer and burn out quite quickly.

To avoid all these interruptions and more, traders choose to use a Forex VPS in order to ensure that their EA’s run without any problems or glitches.

How does a Forex VPS work?

A forex VPS is basically a remote computer that is set up virtually, usually on a high performance business server. In other words, you don’t really have access to a physical computer sitting in some server room, but rather allocated a virtual space on one of these servers. These servers are capable to act as virtual computers. Configuration may vary depending on the budget you have. However, most VPS services now-a-days are very affordable, starting for as low as $20 in some cases with a fairly decent disk space, memory and connection speeds.

Traders access their VPS via their Windows Remote Desktop or its equivalent on a MAC or Linux powered machines. Once accessed by a URL or IP address, username and password, the VPS environment looks almost the same as your desktop (with the only fact that it is virtual). Traders can install their favorite trading platform as MT4 and upload any forex EA’s to their VPS and configure it to run automatically.


Using a VPS service makes it all the more important if you are an automated trader. In the case of the ForexFalcon EA, which trades automatically, traders would be advised to run this EA via a VPS service as it can ensure that your MT4 trading platform runs without any interruptions or connection problems. Traders don’t even have to keep the desktop or laptop powered on. Although the VPS service might cost an additional running expense every month, the ForexFalcon’s monthly profit of 7% ensures that all your running costs as well as the initial investment into purchasing the ForexFalcon EA is literally paid off in a month or two, depending on the equity you are trading. To learn more about ForexFalcon EA and how you can use this automated trading strategy to make over 125% annualized returns, click here.