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Fed QE unchanged, waiting for stronger economic growth

U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) announced two days after the meeting in Washington, said: “The recovery of the real estate sector has slowed in recent months. Fiscal policies are hampering economic growth. “

Fed Chairman Ben S.Bernake still continue to pump money policy with unprecedented scale economies in the last months of this year due to his need to protect the results of economic growth over the past 4 years due to stimulus package . The U.S. government closed 16 days that 800,000 federal employees out of work , and delaying publication of important economic data . Therefore, the Fed said it should re-evaluate the economy .

Fed QE

Fed continues to conduct 85 billion bond purchase per month including $ 40 billion of mortgage bonds and $ 45 billion in government securities bonds .

U.S. central bank decision to keep hope can keep interest rates low at least close to 0 % while the unemployment rate is over 6.5 % and inflation expectations do not exceed 2.5 % . Fed up again ” inflation is below the long-term goals and long -term expectations of inflation will probably remain little changed .

” U.S. Department of Labor recently announced CPI rose 0.2 % in October compared with the same period after rising 0.1 % in September .