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Dow Jones rose 3 numbers

The investors believe the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) continued economic support measures and IBM shares soared in the day, the two main factors that helped the U.S. stock indices up sharply in 29 / 10.

dow jones rose


Yesterday , the U.S. Federal Reserve Board began meeting two-day policy . Despite coming tomorrow morning ( 31/10 , now Vietnam ) , the result of the meeting was officially announced , but at this point , many analysts and investors have said the Fed will remain the quantitative easing measures to support the economy .

The main reason for the analyst ” vin ” in a heavy loss for the U.S. economy by the federal government to shut down operations in the early part of October . Analysts said that , in the face of this loss , the Federal Reserve Board will review the plan to gradually withdraw the bond purchase program by $ 85 billion monthly .

The report employment and recruitment also announced last week that a grayscale picture of necessary and sufficient conditions that the Fed had raised at meetings in August and September . And yet , in the same yesterday, to receive market information to increase consumer spending in September but consumer confidence has fallen sharply even in October .

The consumer confidence fell sharply in October totally rooted in people’s anxiety for the federal government to shut down part . Although this risk has now been removed temporarily , but this issue is still seen as a factor that may force policy makers to consider the Fed’s continued economic support .

Another factor that also contributes to the index goes up sharply in trading on 29/10 , is the rise of technology firms IBM shares after the company announced a plan to buy back shares worth billions of dollars . IBM ‘s share price rose 2.7 % to $ 182.12 . It is also the biggest gainers in the Dow Jones industrial index .

However, while the rise of technology index Dow Jones is promoted by the rise of IBM shares , the two Nasdaq Composite and S & P 500 is restricted due to the downturn in surprise stock firms Apple technology . Yesterday , the stock price maker smartphone iPhone has plummeted to 2.5 % , to $ 516.68 .

End the session on 29/10 , the Dow Jones industrial index surged 111.42 points , corresponding with an increase of 0.72 % to 15680.35 points. S & P 500 Index gained 9.84 points , respectively, with an increase of 0.56 % to 1771.95 points at closing . The Nasdaq Composite Index was up 12.21 points, or 0.31 % , to 3952.34 points at closing .

After the official trading hours , LinkedIn ‘s stock price plummeted 31 % to $ 239.45 , after the company posted a revenue forecast for the fourth quarter . In formal session , LinkedIn ‘s share price rose 1.7 % to $ 247.14 . Also the official after-hours trading , shares of Electronic Arts increased 2.8 % to $ 24.80 .

Of the 281 companies in the S & P 500 has announced Q3 earnings report , 68.7 % have profit exceed analysts’ forecasts , higher than the quarterly average of 63 % , whereas only 52.5 % of businesses have a higher turnover of analysts’ expectations , below the quarterly average of 62 % since 2002 , according to data from Thomson Reuters .