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The cost of drug rehabilitation

When a family member is suffering from drug addiction, addiction affects the whole world in more ways than one. One of the most difficult to help a loved one is paying for obstacles the cost of addiction treatment . Many drug treatment programs and drug rehab centers can cost thousands of euros per month (or week). Payment for treatment is a challenge in a “good day” and even more when a family has seen its finances in jeopardy due to drug addiction.

Fortunately, there are ways to pay for treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol does not place an impossible burden on the family. These include financing options, insurance and employee benefits that can help offset the high cost associated with the most effective and comprehensive forms of treatment.

How much is the treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol?

The residential rehabilitation centers drugs are more expensive than those offered outpatient care.These facilities have a significant overhead because they must pay for additional staff and all the amenities commonly found in residential, rehabilitation such as food, exercise programs, location costs and maintenance costs. It is not uncommon for treatment programs in residential rehabilitation centers can cost thousands of dollars a month or more. On the other hand, outpatient treatment can end up costing a few hundred dollars each month – and low cost if the center accepts insurance.

The insurance and the cost of drug treatment

More and more insurance companies cover drug treatment – in the same way they do for other forms of psychiatric care. Very often, this coverage only covers outpatient treatment centers, but there are exceptions in which the insurance company pays part or all of the cost of staying in a residential rehabilitation. It is important that you check with your insurance company before selecting a drug treatment center for yourself or family member.

The financing of the cost of drug treatment

More and more rehabilitation centers and drug detoxification are working with private lenders to help families offset the cost of drug rehab . Generally, the drug treatment center can provide the individual a payment plan for the cost of treatment. Like a car loan, the person receiving the product (treatment) and pays each month. Funding for drug treatment does not eliminate the cost, of course, but it gives the family the opportunity to pay according to the possibilities.

Employers and cost of drug treatment

Finally, many companies have acknowledged interest in the recovery of its union employees. Instead of dismissing the person (who could be against the law) with a drug addiction is a smart investment to help pay for his treatment of addiction until the employee reaches its highest levels of productivity. The cost of locating and retaining new employees is simply too great – and after all, help another person in need is what to do.

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