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Getting Rich Philosophy

Making money using other people money

make money using other people's money

  You may have heard about how rich his ” transportation king ,” Daniel Ludwig others by borrowing money (Other People ‘s Money ) . We would like to introduce a way to get rich , but also other people with money do not have to borrow . This experience is shared by James Joseph Ling – a group set ... Read More »

“Get rich” with “job” … Obama impersonation

obama imitation

In the U.S. , people imitate the head of state is also considered as a career . In Washington , Larry Graves , who looks nearly identical to President Barack Obama , entertainers often perform for people at conferences and other events to look the role of Obama . When Graves said in a conference on the environment in a ... Read More »

The most strange business ideas in the world


Services written resignation , manufacturing eyewear for dogs or adultery dating site online business ideas is the most bizarre world .   10 . : adultery dating site online Initiated in 2011, the site famous for proverbial Ashleymadison famous ” Life is short , let’s just adultery .” Online dating sites are only for those who are married or ... Read More »

Why are you not rich yet?

Why are you not rich yet

After years of hard work , you sit back and realize that wealth is something very far away . So what is the cause ? It is possible that you are committed to a mistake in the following six ways of thinking about money . Buddhist scripture that says: “We are what we think …. With his thoughts we make ... Read More »

Principles of huge profits of the world’s most powerful father and son pair


Deep in the Beaux Arts Palace in Luxembourg based Arcelor Mittal Steel Group’s ongoing high-level meeting between the director of plans from all branches of the Mittal on gioi.O age 40 or 50 , they are decades of experience working in the steel industry . The only exception is for Aditya Mittal , son of the founder and Group CEO ... Read More »

5 tips to help parents become example of handling money for children

Parents as examples of handling money for children

Children often have a strong influence from the behavior and attitudes of parents with everything in life , and issues related to money is no exception . Here are 5 tips to help parents become financially example for children:   1 . Be honest about your financial situation   Although children always enjoy the sweet , parents should not ” ... Read More »

Philosophy of excellent leaders

success philosophy of leaders

To evaluate the manner of a person , we often rely on routines , their conception of life . Habits of an ideal boss is certainly not like normal people . Well, the good boss , what do they do , there are other people living habits that ?   1 . Collaboration instead of playing well   Boss good ... Read More »

Success Formula of McDonald’s

mcdonald's products

We can say ” no exaggeration ” that McDonald ‘s is now so popular that there are even live on Earth heck , you can still complete a McDonald’s hamburger in a few minutes . McDonald ‘s is a fast food chain restaurant serves mainly American hamburger formula . Almost upon reaching a certain country , McDonald ‘s also will ... Read More »

Secret “5 Ps” of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg's secrets

When Mark Zuckerberg , founder of Facebook , to become the 29th richest billionaire in the world and the map manually build a second child in 2012 , many people feel has had the dubious impression . Apparently , Zuckerberg is not the expression of a typical business , but one thing is sure that no one can build a ... Read More »

How billionaire Richard Branson learn to do business from his mother

How billionaire Richard Branson learn to do business from his mother

Recently, billionaire entrepreneurs and famous is Richard Branson , founder and chairman of Virgin Group conglomerate with over 400 subsidiaries , shared lessons about business and life is inspiring inspiration from his mother . No regrets Richard Branson is often surprised by the amount of time a few people when they splurge on repeated failures in the past . Meanwhile ... Read More »