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Dow Jones rose 3 numbers

dow jones rose

The investors believe the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) continued economic support measures and IBM shares soared in the day, the two main factors that helped the U.S. stock indices up sharply in 29 / 10.   Yesterday , the U.S. Federal Reserve Board began meeting two-day policy . Despite coming tomorrow morning ( 31/10 , now Vietnam ) , the ... Read More »

Wall Street rose 3rd consecutive week

Wall Street Increased

8 of the 10 major groups in the S & P 500 rose . U.S. stock market was the third consecutive weekly gain for the S & P 500 set a record . The reason is that businesses report profits exceeded predictions and weak economic data led investors to predict the Fed will delay the reduction of stimulus programs . ... Read More »

S & P 500 ending the week with new record

New Stock record

The strong upward of technology stocks after Microsoft and Amazon announced business results exceeded market expectations , has become an important premise to help the S & P 500 closed at new highs . Version 25/10 , Microsoft shares were up 6 % to $ 35.73 , while Amazon shares rose sharply to 9.4 % to $ 363.39 . Earlier ... Read More »

U.S. stocks fell after the company cut sales forecasts

US stock decreases

U.S. stocks fell after a period of record revenue projected by some large companies disappointed investors .   S & P fell 0.5 % to 1746.38 points at 16h on 23/10 , New York time . The Dow Jones fell 54.33 points, or 0.4 % to 15413.33 points. About 6.6 billion shares were sold during the trading session on the ... Read More »

Wall Street surged by jobs data

Wall Street Surged

Stock Market U.S. increase on 22/10, pushing the S & P 500 to a level higher after jobs data last month lower than forecast made ??investors believe the Fed will keep stimulus measures of health. As reported by the U.S. Department of Labor , in September , the only businesses create 148,000 new jobs , lower than the 180,000 forecast ... Read More »

Asian stocks open session recorded a record 5 months

Securities Asia – Pacific ( excluding Japan ) opening session on 21/10 at a high level in five months , in which the Australian market to its highest level in over 5 years . The S & P 500 of the U.S. last week also recorded a record high by investors to bet on the Department of the Federal Reserve ... Read More »

U.S. close escape, jumped Wall Street

Wall street

The stock market rally in the U.S. session on 16/10, after the two Democratic leaders and Senate Republicans reached a deal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. Yesterday, the leaders of the two parties in the Senate have reached an agreement ending the impasse on raising the debt ceiling . This result was achieved thanks to great ... Read More »

Getting positive signals from Washington, Dow Jones and S & P 500 plunged stop

US Stock Market 10-10-2013

Despite experiencing more volatile trading session, but both the Dow Jones and S & P 500 will avoid slumps 3rd consecutive appearance for signs that Washington can reverse the political deadlock. Accordingly , the Republicans and Democrats in Congress have broadcast a signal about the possibility of breaking the budget impasse and President Barack Obama invited both parties to terminate ... Read More »

U.S. stocks tumble, fear index jumped 16%

Fear index jumped

U.S. stocks plunged on Monday and the Dow Jones hit its lowest level in a month when the state shut down the U.S. government’s steps to the second week. Investors increasingly worried that lawmakers can not raise the debt ceiling and the government will default. S & P 500 closed lower last session close after volatile trading day with 9/10 ... Read More »