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Fed QE unchanged, waiting for stronger economic growth

Fed QE

U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) announced two days after the meeting in Washington, said: “The recovery of the real estate sector has slowed in recent months. Fiscal policies are hampering economic growth. “ Fed Chairman Ben S.Bernake still continue to pump money policy with unprecedented scale economies in the last months of this year due to his need to protect the ... Read More »

Italy economy continues to sink deeper in recession

economía italia

Economic recession caused widespread as more people unemployed Italy. The Statistical Office of the Italy ( ISTAT ) announced last October showed II/2013 quarter , the number of working-age people without jobs in this country has risen to 2.9 million , accounting for 11 , 4% of the labor force . This figure is higher than the same period last ... Read More »

Dow Jones rose 3 numbers

dow jones rose

The investors believe the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) continued economic support measures and IBM shares soared in the day, the two main factors that helped the U.S. stock indices up sharply in 29 / 10.   Yesterday , the U.S. Federal Reserve Board began meeting two-day policy . Despite coming tomorrow morning ( 31/10 , now Vietnam ) , the ... Read More »

IPhone sales surge, Apple reported crazy profits

apple profits

After impressive debuts two new iPhone products here,  the technology company Apple surprises with Q3 revenue report a slight increase with higher iPhone sales period expectations. Specifically , during 3 months ( as of 9/28 ) , Apple ‘s net profit was $ 7.5 billion , respectively, $ 8.26 per share , lower than the $ 8.2 billion , respectively, ... Read More »

Germany: business confidence in the economy fell

According to the Ifo economic institute, after rising for five consecutive months, the German business confidence fell to 107.4 points in January 10/2013, compared to 107.7 points in January 9/2013. Earlier, the survey by Dow Jones Newswires said conducting analysts predicted indices German business confidence rose to 108 points. In the last week , purchasing managers index ( PMI ) ... Read More »

Wall Street rose 3rd consecutive week

Wall Street Increased

8 of the 10 major groups in the S & P 500 rose . U.S. stock market was the third consecutive weekly gain for the S & P 500 set a record . The reason is that businesses report profits exceeded predictions and weak economic data led investors to predict the Fed will delay the reduction of stimulus programs . ... Read More »

Largest U.S. bank lost $ 5.1 billion to settle complaints

Largest bank of US

Largest U.S. bank JP Morgan Chase yesterday ( 25/10 ) reached agreements with financial agencies and federal housing ( FHFA ) on the payment of $ 5.1 billion fine to settle claims the company this sale securities secured by collateral and real estate loans are for the poor quality led to the collapse of the U.S. banking system in 2007 ... Read More »

JPMorgan fined more than $ 5 billion

JPMorgan fined

America’s largest banks – JPMorgan paid $ 5.1 billion for the Housing Finance Agency Federal ( FHFA ) to settle claims of securities secured by collateral ( MBS ) poor quality . * JPMorgan could be fined $ 4 billion The work -related activities at both JPMorgan and organized bank acquired in 2008 – Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual . ... Read More »

Twitter reveals modest expectations for IPO


The Wall Street Journal leads from Twitter message said , microblogging social network is intended to establish the price of the IPO shares coming from 17-20 dollars, hoping to increase the company’s value to 11.1 billion.   According to the report , the establishment about stock prices means that Twitter can start to introduce investors to the stock issuance initial ... Read More »

Panasonic to cut 7,000 employees

Panasonic cut workers

Panasonic Corporation is expected to cut 50% of workforce in the semiconductor manufacturing industry , equivalent to 7,000 employees , as well as sell some plants in an effort to restructure enterprises to overcome difficulties .   According to industry sources on 24/10 , most people are losing jobs overseas while workers in Japan will be transferred to other industries ... Read More »