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How billionaire Richard Branson learn to do business from his mother

How billionaire Richard Branson learn to do business from his mother

Recently, billionaire entrepreneurs and famous is Richard Branson , founder and chairman of Virgin Group conglomerate with over 400 subsidiaries , shared lessons about business and life is inspiring inspiration from his mother .

No regrets

Richard Branson is often surprised by the amount of time a few people when they splurge on repeated failures in the past . Meanwhile , they do not focus the energy to plan a new project . Branson ‘s mother always taught him never to look back with regret that immediately take the next step . When Branson grew up , the situation of his family spend quite closely and he has always been fascinated by the project of his mother’s money , often manual work such as construction and sale of wood and trash cans . If the item does not sell , she will try even to another.

The activities of the mother greatly influenced the first idea of Branson , eg parakeets breeds or plant and tree sales at Christmas. Both business that failed. So he went to a boarding school so I can not take care of the parrot and the rabbit eats the flood seedlings . But follow the lessons from his mother , he soon turned to other projects .

Learn how to survive , adapt – quickly

His mother once stopped the car on the way home from a shopping trip and ask Branson to find their way home with nearly 5km distance through suburbs and then the 5 -year-old Branson . That is the penalty that he must get naughty in the back seat , but it is also a lesson for him to learn how to overcome the shame and ask people their way home .

At that Branson has lost but actually have a neighbor farmers helped the boy home . Experience that once made ??him learn to overcome the seemingly obstacles are not insurmountable .

This is a fundamental principle in his business life . In the early years of operation the company , your goal should be simply to survive , and this can help you get what you want . No matter how tired you are or how fear , what you need to do is to show you how to go ahead.

Putting others ahead

Always one thing clear in his work as a group home gardening , preparing meals , cleaning . Branson has two sisters, Lindi and Vanessa and I always ask him to do all three grazing only . If they tried to escape the house , she would explain to them that it was selfish by describing how the effectiveness of the work of other members of the family . This thuam leap into the professional ethics of Branson . All are on the same team . This has always been reflected in Branson ‘s business philosophy : people are always the most important part of any company .

Be wise

When you started quite well known , it can easily bring more success to you . But Branson ‘s mother always taught him to be wise , in part because she knew a lot about her and her son so she does not believe in journalism .

She rarely praised him in public places . Branson was very surprised but also very happy when she confessed in an interview with CNBC program last year that she was very proud of his son , especially his charitable work . But she always quietly encouraging him constantly . Everyone in the family expressed their feelings with each other , it is more important than anything else .

Every day is an opportunity

Branson ‘s mother always see each day as a new opportunity to achieve something new, interesting and exciting . Even today , she is still very active , working incredibly hard . Right now , she is writing memoir and recently released a children’s book . Branson Brothers still have to adjust the schedule around her plan .

His mother always look ahead , focus on trying to improve things and bring about positive change . Follow the example of his mother , Branson has always focused on the future of energy .